3 stylish drinking glasses for specific drinks

I own all three of them.. except for one

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About a year ago, I decided I wanted to learn how to make Moscow Mule and first thing you gotta do when you embark on this mission is you gotta find a copper mug you can use when you've made the Moscow Mule. That's the tradition, that's the rule.

And that got me thinking: how many cool glasses can I find that are actually specifically designed for a type of drink, type of wine or type of beer. As it turns out, many. But I decided to pick three and make a list.

1. Copper mug for your Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule was invented by accident in New York in 1941 by Wes Price, head bartender at the Chatham Hotel. John 'Jack' Morgan and John Martin just so happened to at the hotel trying to sell Smirnoff vodka and ginger beer, nobody wanted either of those things and so they eventually came up with an idea for a cocktail. And since they had copper mugs that no one else was using, they began using copper mugs because, as it turns out, they're very effective at keeping the drinks cold.

Obviously, people soon realised that you're not supposed to ingest copper in any way or form but no worries, modern mugs are trated with layers of stainless steel, which makes them safe.

2. Whiskey glass

The truth is, you don't really need a specific glass for whiskey, but because whisky, whiskey and scotch are sooo incredibly popular, companies that produce glasses generally go mad and create some pretty spectacular ones.

This is my favourite, Stormy Designer, made by a company called GeekyGet.

3. Skull-shaped glass (Mexican Mule, Mojito)

I'm gonna use my own picture for this one, a skull-shaped glass (almost like a jar) that I found at a place called La Taqueria in Belgrade, they use for Mexican Mule, which is essentially like Moscow Mule but with Tequila, but you can also use it for Mojito and potentially anything.

What's the craziest/most beautiful type of glass you've ever used?

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  • I don't drink alcohol, but I really like those copper drinking cups...

      13 days ago
  • None! I do love the copper mugs though

      11 days ago