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5 drool worthy sweets that our tribers made last month

Sweet Treats Tribe top 5 for November

7w ago

Sorry I am running a bit behind, working a lot of hours lately. But better late than never with your Sweet Treats Tribe top 5 for November. I hope you find them as drool worthy as I did.

#5 Kelly Harvel: Chocolate covered peanut butter balls

These are a chocolate covered peanut butter balls with cayenne and a raspberry rum sauce to dip them into. This was Kelly's entry for #rumchallenge and it sounds like a good entry to me.

#4 Voodie Vie: Ginger marzipan truffles

These sounds simple to make and very tasty too. Since there is a recipe included why not give these a go for Christmas?

#3 Zahra Shafiei: Homemade ice cream

Zahra always delights us with her homemade creations and this is no exception. This was made for the #cookjohncoleman challenge and if you know John then you know it needs ice cream with it.

#2 Chef Simonetta: Salted Caramel slice

Chef Jeff is no stranger to my top 5 list and here he is with a salted caramel slice. Just look at those lovely layers. There is a recipe if you are wanting to give this a go.

#1 Darren Parsons: Spiced apple doughnuts with caramel sauce

Sugar and spice makes everything nice including some apple doughnuts. Darren shares his recipe for these with us and even though I don't care for doughnuts I might just have to make these.

I hope you enjoyed this top 5 and I will see you again next time

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Comments (14)

  • Well done all. Thank for the top spot Jane πŸ‘Œ

      1 month ago
  • Lots of goodies, thank you for rounding them up!

      1 month ago
  • Well done everyone! It all look and sound amazing! And thank you for including me too, Jane! 🌹

      1 month ago
  • Awww thank you so much Jane! Well done everyone fantastic work!

      1 month ago
  • Amazing job to everyone who made these, buuuut in my opinion NOTHING can beat some good gulab jamuns

      1 month ago
    • Isn't that the round pastries that are dipped in a rose water syrup? Sorry no one in sweet treats tribe made any if those last month so it couldn't make the list.

        1 month ago