5 free ways to find images to make your article stand out

A guide on how to pick images legally, and general rules on image usage on FoodTribe.

The first thing to say is that it's not OK to take a picture from another website or from Google without having permission. You could get your content removed from FoodTribe, and have a copyright claim made against you.

It isn't enough to add a credit to an image, such as ‘Image: FoodHeaven.com’. This doesn't cover you for using that photo, even if you've got it from social media. It just means the image owner knows you have taken it from their site.

Someone, or a business, has paid for that image to be taken and used, and they won't look kindly on someone else taking it without paying.

Please don't take images from other sites or Google. However, there are some exceptions...

Where do I get pictures from for my articles?

1. Take your own

If you want to be a content creator, the best solution is to take your own photos. Most smartphones are equipped with great cameras. You just need to know your lighting, and set the table.

2. Free image resources, which are copyright free

There are some websites out there which have copyright-free, stock images for you to use.

Try: unsplash.com - www.pexels.com/ - pixabay.com/ - for starters.

On flickr.com, you can search for images under the 'all creative commons' licence. When you find an image, it will tell you whether you need to give the image owner a credit for the photo, and how it can be used. Make sure if you use one of these images, you do give the appropriate credit.

3. Rights free Google Images

There are also some images which are free to use on Google. Go to Google Images, ‘Tools’, click on ‘Usage rights’ and select ‘Labeled for re-use’. Anything you find here can be used for free as well, but make sure to double check.

4. Embedding tweets/YouTube

If you can’t find an image or video you can safely use, but someone has tweeted images/video, or uploaded a vid to YouTube (a brand or an individual), you can embed the tweet/video in your story.

5. Ask other Creators to use their images

You can also ask the community. All it takes is a Direct Message. Send them a preview of your post, explain why you need their image, and ask politely if you can use it. If they say no, don't use it, and move on to someone else. There are many Creators out there who would love to have their work promoted.


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