5 of the best Blind Taste tests from 'Good Mythical Morning'

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Imagine sitting at a table, eating food, while blindfolded, with your best friend... watched by millions of people.

This is a regular occurrence for the American duo from 'Good Mythical Morning'. If you aren't familiar with Rhett and Link, check out the article about their weirdest seafood experiences.

For the Blind Taste Test feature, Rhett and Link have to guess what they're eating, while blindfolded.

The 5 best Blind Taste Tests on 'Good Morning Mythical':

Ice cream

This episode saw Rhett and Link trial different vanilla ice creams available not just in the US, but around the world.

Here's how they ate the ice cream - where do I get one?

After rating from 1-10, the duo hd to guess the ice cream brand. The highest rated was Ben and Jerry's with a total of 18 points, with American brand Dreyer's in last place.

Here is the full ranking order of the ice creams.

Which one would you put at the top of your list?


It's the global pizza test: Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, Sbarro, California Kitchen Pizza and Little Ceasers. To keep things even, every pizza was topped with pepperoni, onions and peppers.

The highest ranking pizza was from American based company Papa Johns (combined score of 18), with Sbarro in a close 2nd place.

The top 3 pizzas as voted by Rhett and Link

What pizza would you rank highest?

Exotic eggs

Everyone loves eggs... but how about eggs that aren't from a chicken?

Here's how the eggs were given to Rhett and Link

The pair try your relatively normal goose egg, a ginormous emu egg, and even an iguana egg. According to the YouTube stars, it's like 'taffy without flavour', or 'pasta'. Interesting.

Would you try an iguana egg?

Hot sauce

The sauces burning their taste buds would be as follows: Tabasco, Tapatío, RedHot, Texas Pete, Cholula and Sriracha. To ensure the test is highly scientific, the hot sauces would be administered via GMM's patented Chicken Stick!

Is the patented Chicken Stick the best way to try new hot sauces?

These boys know their hot sauce. Link gets all options right, and Rhett manages five. After doing so well, the duo have to try to decipher a hot sauce mix.

Which hot sauce is your favourite?

French fries

Fast food fries are some of the most recognisable food items on the planet. The guys tried: McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Arby's, Carl's Jr and Jack in the Box. These are all American brands, but some can be found worldwide.

Would you be able to identify your favourite fries?

Here is the product of the so called 'Liquifry' part of the show

Later in the video, the team blend a mystery french fry brand with ketchup and Coke, and drink to gain a whopping two points.

The winner gets the great honour of wearing the 'King Fry Hat', which adds a great deal of power to your next KFC order...

How would you fare at these Blind Taste Tests? Comment down below!

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