5 recipes you need for the perfect Caribbean barbecue

Caribbean flavours were made for grilling, and Grace Foods have the perfect ingredients for you mix up your barbecue this summer!

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It's that time of year again. Beaches, beers and, the real MVP of summer; barbecues. Whether it's a state of the art this-cost-me-more-than-three-month's-rent barbecue, or a family-sized disposable from your local shop, barbecuing with friends and family is the true joy of summer that everybody gets involved in.

Barbecuing is an age old way of cooking food, and it has been seen all over the world: from Africa and India, to Spain and the Caribbean. And it makes sense, right? Cooking on an open flame seems like such a simple way to cook, not to mention delicious and incredibly wholesome; it's no surprise that even now with our fancy electric hobs, we still revert back to the barbecue when the sun comes out.

A little history lesson never hurt anyone!

But the history of barbecuing is more than just cooking in the garden with your pals, and has an incredible heritage from the Caribbean worth knowing about. Many historians believe it stems back to the preservation of meats in herbs and spices, so people could travel in the heat without the meat going off, and could be cooked whenever, wherever. Jerk is one of the most prevalent preserves for meats, and its origin story is super interesting, so listen up.

Some historians believe Jerk originated from the Maroons, African slaves who fled to Jamaica after being freed by their Spanish masters in 1655. The Africans supposedly used the natural resources around them, most notably scotch bonnets and what we now refer to as all spice, to preserve and cook their meat over a wood-fired flame. However, others will argue that jerk originated from the American-Indians in the Arawak and Taíno tribes of Jamaica. Like many of these things, the true origin story is yet to be agreed on.

Image credit: Grace Foods UK

Image credit: Grace Foods UK

An ode to jerk

Despite the dispute surrounding jerk's origin, it's become a staple part of Caribbean cuisine and is popular across the world. Often thought to be a marinade for pork and chicken, the fruity and earthy flavours of jerk can actually be used for so much more than that. From fish and seafood to vegetables and grains, the versatility of jerk's flavour palette is such that it can liven up most of our favourite barbecue dishes, and even help us to create new and exciting ones.

Grace Foods have been making and selling traditional Caribbean products in the UK for almost 100 years. Their diverse range of goods, from coconut water to Jamaican jerk seasoning are great for the experienced Caribbean cook, or for those who are interested in incorporating new and exciting flavours to their barbecue menu this summer.

Whether it's amping up your staple beef burger, grilling up an exotic take on the classic prawn and avocado salad, or putting a Caribbean spin on the TikTok famous corn ribs, we've put together 5 recipes using Grace Foods products that will give you a taste of Caribbean grilling!

1. Jerk grilled tuna steak with mango salsa

Steak on the barbecue is a given, but if you're throwing on a tuna steak, give yourself a pat on the back – you are an elite level barbecue-er. The meaty and robust texture of tuna makes it so adaptable to vibrant flavours; Dunn's River Jamaican Jerk Seasoning being no exception.

The deep and punchy flavours of the marinaded tuna, combined with the smokiness of the barbecue are elevated with this vibrant mango salsa. Why not spice up your steak game with this Caribbean inspired sensation?

2. Jerk beef burger with pineapple and coriander relish

Is a barbecue really a barbecue without burgers? We think not.

So, why not push the boat out and wow your barbecue guests with these Jerk beef burgers and pineapple relish, using Dunn's River Jamaican Jerk Seasoning and a sticky and sweet pineapple and coriander relish? You'll be the most popular host in town.

These earthy and smokey beef burgers combined with the sweet and tropical pineapple relish, topped with a slice of smoked cheddar or literally, ANY other trimmings you fancy is a mouth watering thought, isn't it? You don't want to miss out on this one.

3. BBQ jerk corn ribs with blue cheese dip

You've seen it on TikTok, but have you seen it on FoodTribe? Corn ribs took social media by storm a few weeks back, and we had to see what all the hype was about. Sure enough, the excitement was real - these deliciously sweet and smokey corn ribs are too good to miss.

We've even taken them to the next level: marinate in Dunn's River Jamaican Jerk Seasoning and Grace Jerk BBQ sauce, and you've got yourself the best ribs you've ever eaten.

Cooked until smoky and succulent on the barbecue, these ribs bring an earthy and sweet Caribbean flavour, complimented by an American style blue cheese dip. Heaven on earth? It exists.

4. Jerk grilled prawn and avocado salad with coconut and lime dressing

A prawn and avocado salad is a staple barbecue side dish that we all know and love, but is it really a show stopper? You can guarantee it will be by switching your classic Marie Rose sauce for this tropical coconut and lime dressing, made with Grace's coconut water, and marinading your prawns in Dunn's River Jamaican Jerk Seasoning and a sprinkle of all purpose seasoning. Come on, they're clearly store cupboard barbecue essentials!

The earthiness of the jerk and the sweetness of the prawns mixed with a refreshing green salad and creamy avocado is the flavour combination we didn't know we needed.

5. Jamaican style BBQ jerk chicken drumsticks

BBQ flavourings and chicken. Need we say more? It's the ultimate flavour combination, and it also requires little to no thought or skill. Literally anyone can do this delicious sweet and sticky recipe, using a marinade of only 4 simple ingredients!

The sweet and smokey flavour of Grace's Jamaican Style BBQ Jerk Sauce is the real MVP of this recipe, giving the chicken a deliciously sticky marinade and deep flavour. This marinade works great on drumsticks, but you can always use it on chicken thighs, wings or any other meat you fancy! The king of all marinades, you won't be able to get enough of this one.

You can find the entire range of Dunn’s River and Grace Foods at your local world foods retailer, or in the world foods aisle of your nearest supermarket

What's your favourite jerk recipe – and which will you be cooking up first?

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