6 fun kitchen gadgets for all the nerds and geeks out there

Unleash your inner geek with these fun kitchen gadgets, from motherboard chopping boards to some seriously statement mugs...

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How many nerds and geeks are there among the Tribers? Browsing lazily online, I found some kitchen gadgets I would like to share. They might be a bit kitschy, but we love a bit of kitsch right?

Colour changing Game Boy pint glass

Super Mario Bros fans, here's an official Nintendo product. Add a cold drink to this glass and see the screen of the classic handheld console load up with a game.

Get your game on

Colour Changing Game Boy Pint Glass

Retro-cool, just like your pint

Game controller handle mug

If you like your mugs to make a statement, they don't get much bigger than this.

Hold on tight or it'll be game over for your cuppa

Puckator Game Controller Handle Mug

The most epic mug of tea you'll ever drink...

Set of 6 Vinyl Record Retro Music Coasters

Perfect gift for vintage and vinyl lovers, these coasters make even the most nostalgic cheerful.

On the record...

TRIXES Set of 6 Vinyl Record Retro Music CoasterS

You won't mind getting scratches on these records...

Precision cheese cutting board

I don't know why, but I think James May might like this board. It's just a feeling...

Cheese degrees

Fred CHEESE DEGREES Precision Cheese Cutting Board

Make every slice precise. You don't want someone getting a bit more Brie than you...

Creative building blocks coffee cups

Adorable creative mug perfect for anyone who loves building blocks. Not only for children but also for creative adults.

Everybody's buildin', everybody's buildin', everybody's buildin' day by day...

Build-On Brick Mug DIY Creative Building Blocks Coffee Cups

The description of this mug is hilarious...

Motherboard chopping board

Funny and cute, this motherboard chopping board is the perfect gift for any computer nerd.

The mother of all chopping boards

Motherboard chopping board

Cook up a storm in the kitchen

How about you? Do you have any geek or nerd themed kitchen gadgets? Show me in the comments!

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