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A continuation of my previous post. Sorry if this is a bit annoying. (New at this foodie thing)

Dare I compare this to beef jerky but I'm from Texas so I'll just carry on: I believe biltong holds a bit more true to the beef flavor than the more processed syrupy meat. Sure, they have their similarities being dehydrated meat. They just go about it in opposite fashion. While I'm far from a meat expert. Biltong seams to be finer cuts of cattle that have gone through a simpler but finer process off taking on the destined flavor then air dried (therefore less water weight) versus broader cuts being lathered in syrup, flavors and spices before being slow dried with heat.

Yes, they are both satisfying. I believe I'd be disappointed if I were to try jerky shortly after this experience. Biltong, having zero added sugar is the healthier and finer choice.

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  • Is this a nation wide brand? I'm up in Kansas city and don't think I've ever seen this.

      2 years ago
  • I feel beef jerky has been ruined by the image of a basic hiker's foodstuff. This might be a better coffee table snack.

      2 years ago
    • I haven't found an awesome jerky yet that has surprised me like biltong. Gonna try the right pack today

        2 years ago