A fast and easy recipe for paczki – delicious Polish doughnuts

Tasty, fast and delicate doughnuts... Enjoy!

Everybody loves doughnuts. Everybody loves doughnuts even more if you've made them yourself at home and they're piping hot and fresh. Give these tasty paczki a go!

Total time needed: 20-30 minutes


+ Cream cottage cheese (300g)

+ 3 eggs

+ Flour 1.5 cups

+ Baking powder (1 teaspoon)

OPTIONAL* - vanilla extract (1 teaspoon) / vanilla sugar (one package - 16g) / pinch of cinnamon


1. Add your cream cottage cheese, eggs, vanilla extract and pinch of cinnamon to a bowl and mix everything until you get a smooth consistency. 👇

2. Next, add baking powder, vanilla sugar (if you use) and flour. Mix it once again 👇

3. Heat oil in a large saucepan. Then use a teaspoon to form the doughnuts. Place the dough in the oil and fry them until gold colour. 👇

4. Strain your paczki on a plate/tray lined with paper towels and they are ready to serve.

They are not too sweet, that's why I serve them with jam or icing sugar!

Will you try to make paczki?

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