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A comic about James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond by me.

I think, as most of us here on FoodTribe, I'm a super big fan of James May's bunker kitchen cooking videos.
So, why not combine both of my passions (yes, I absolutely love drawing, even more than cooking, now I said it hehehe) and draw a little story of what could happen, if his lovely colleagues were in the bunker kitchen as well. The story is about cars and a certain farm shop too. 😊

Thanks in advance for reading, I really hope you like my little story and I could make you laugh! 🙂

Here you can read part 2: foodtribe.com/p/a-foodtribe-comic-by-me-part-2-FbGZQaImQK-vZc1eQm3mIA?iid=UspydgFbTC-3b8T2IXlOlA

P.S.: You can also read it in bigger size here in my Deviantart gallery: www.deviantart.com/missneens/gallery/74326296/the-grand-tour-fanart

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Comments (37)

  • this is awesome

      10 months ago
  • Great job! I read it with their voices in my head 😆. It was fun!!

      10 months ago
    • Thank you so much!!! That is a real honour to me, as I'm not a native speaker and English is just a second language for me...I tried my best to make it sound like them hahaha 😃

      I hope I can finish the second part later that year, I've already...

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        10 months ago
    • Great! I am looking forward to reading the second chapter!

        10 months ago
  • You are so talented Neens. This is wonderful!

      10 months ago
    • Thank you so much!!! 💙💜 I just wanted to draw a comic about the trio, but more with a food theme rather than cars, so I came up with this idea. And when I have an idea, I have to draw it hehehe 😊

      It makes me happy that you enjoyed it!!! 🤗

        10 months ago
    • You are very welcome! I am glad you do because we enjoy reading and looking at your art.

        10 months ago
  • Awesome job! Wonderful!

      10 months ago
  • hi Nina, I only signed up to say how awesome your comic is! I hope the crew and trio sees it. I love it

      9 months ago
    • Aaaawwww... Thank you!!! I am so happy that you like it and you are here on Foodtribe now!!! 🧡

      Yes, that would be cool if they see it, but I am not so sure about it haha 😅

        9 months ago