A Japanese bakery produces corgi-shaped sandwiches

A sweet and cute snack made in Japan

1y ago

Corgis are among the cutest and most adorable dogs. After all, they are the dogs of Queen Elizabeth!

The corgis have physical characteristics that conquer people's hearts: their adorable face, small stature or funny gait.

There is a bakery in Japan that has caught the most peculiar feature of these dogs: their lower back!

The Utiwapayna bakery has been producing delicious baked goods for years, including puppy-shaped loaves and cat-shaped sandwiches.

But the latest invention takes their production to an absolutely sublime level: the corgi-shaped sandwiches.

If you are a lucky corgi owner or have browsed through photos of these dogs online, you probably have seen how they often lie down with their hind legs stretched out.

The Utiwapayna bakery perfectly reproduces this pose with their sandwiches, with the two hind legs, the round rope and of course, two beautiful corgi buttocks!

And that's not all: these beautiful booties can also be filled with jam or cream. Is there anything more pleasing to eat?

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Comments (2)

  • Now when I saw that first picture, I thought 'puppies'.

      1 year ago
  • Way too cute! My neighbors have a corgi and she's the sweetest little dog ever. She makes my day when I get to see her!

      1 year ago