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A nice Burger a few Weeks ago

Sorry I am late.

Robin Ho posted in Burgers
5w ago

A few Weeks ago, it was back to School for me, as my new Job actually is an Apprenticeship. There, we had Mensa Food which was surprisingly not that bad.

But one afternoon, after having to go to Oldenburg to get an accessory for my Tablet to be able to use it in School, I had the sudden urching for a Burger.



The first Place I had looked up, an American Style Diner, would still be closed for a few Hours when I arrived. So I had to find something else.

And I found something great: A little Restaurant right by the Water.

Once there, I quickly ordered their House Burger and a German Cola and that was it.

A bit too done.

A bit too done.

After a while, my Food then arrived. Sadly, the Meat was a bit overcooked for my Taste, but it was still very juicy and delicious.

The Lettuce and the Onions were crunchy, and the Restaurants House Sauce was really good.

Did I mention that the Beef was locally sourced? If not: It was.



For me, there were only two drawbacks: The Price, I believe the Burger was over 10€, and the Fact that I was completely full after one of those beautiful Things.

If it had only been for the Taste, I could have had more.

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Comments (6)

  • A over cooked burger is a bad thing for sure but it does look really good.

      1 month ago
    • It tasted really good and so I just left it at that. 😊

        1 month ago
    • That is all you can do sometimes. Maybe the cook simply messed up that one time.

        1 month ago