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A private chef is selling sandwiches covered in gold

Andrea Zagatti, who has previously cooked for Anne Hathaway and Kanye West, has launched his own luxury sandwich business

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The humble sandwich. You'd usually think of it as a pretty utilitarian affair. However, that's a perception that's been changing in more recent years, with a trend towards ever more luxurious sandwich-based offerings with fancier ingredients and Michelin Star-chef levels of thought and preparation.

This is something that private chef to the stars Andrea Zagatti is looking to exploit with his new business venture Mr. Z's Luxury Sandwiches and his crazy creations have somewhat divided people in the process.

Zagatti, who has previously cooked for Anne Hathaway and Kanye West among others, offers a whole range of luxurious sandwiches but the most ostentatious by far is the 'Billionaire'. This £250(!) sandwich has a filling of A5 wagyu beef, oscietra caviar, whipped ricotta and cabbage. If that wasn't crazy enough already, the sandwich is topped with 24k gold leaf! If you can't stretch that far, Zagatti has cheaper options starting from £25 to £30. The £50 'Millionaire' sandwich also has the same edible gold leaf as the 'Billionaire'.

The God of the Sea sandwich: Image: Mr Z Instagram

The God of the Sea sandwich: Image: Mr Z Instagram

Despite his business being open for only a few weeks, Zagatti has been managing to sell around 30 sandwiches per day according to an interview he conducted with The Telegraph. Zagatti stated that his clients are "young, high-net-worth individuals who don't mind if a sandwich costs £20 or £200. They just want something amazing and they want something quick." The relatively young age of his clients would go some way to explaining some of the filling choices of his sandwiches, especially the 'Bunny Hop' which seems to be catered towards a vegetarian/vegan audience.

The 'Millionaire' sandwich. Image: Mr Z Instagram

The 'Millionaire' sandwich. Image: Mr Z Instagram

As you'd expect, the reaction to these sandwiches on social media has been somewhat divisive. Whilst some have been very positive about Zagatti's offerings, saying that they look "phenomenal" and "truly unique and class apart", others have branded them as "obscene".

One commenter even went as far as to say "Is it just me who thought oh do f**k off?!" and another just summed it all up by saying, "What a load of nonsense."

I guess, at the end of the day, taste in sandwiches really is subjective...

Would you pay £250 for a gold covered sandwich?

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Comments (5)

  • you’ve got to be onboard for this

      7 months ago
  • If anyone has ever experienced the KitKit foil against the tooth filling sensation (don't ask!) then you'll know this a really bad idea for people with fillings.

    I'll just have the Wagyu please... and a plate of chips.

      7 months ago
  • It tastes horrible though. Like those metallic cups we had to use at school 😂

      7 months ago
  • Can you digest this or do you end up with a golden throne?

      7 months ago
  • The Gold chocolate bars would be an even better topping...

      7 months ago