- Pic Credit: Rolls-Royce.

A serving of this honey will cost you a bespoke Rolls-Royce...literally

It is honey made by Rolls-Royce on their premises..

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Rolls-Royce over the years have made some beautiful cars, really expensive picnic baskets and chests and now they also make Honey. In 2017, they established an Apiary on their 42 acre company grounds.

Their Apiary consists of six English crafted, wooden beehives each bearing their own bespoke plaque made in their factory. Each wooden beehive is named after a car in the Rolls lineup - Phanton, Wraith, Dawn, Ghost and Cullinan. The sixth box is named after the iconic "Spirit of Ecstasy" that you find on the bonnet of each car.

The apiary is home to 250,000 bees and having survived the winter and in good shape, the bees are busy foraging through the 42 acres of trees and variety plants and an 8 acres of plants growing on the 'living roof' of the manufacturing plant. Currently in their 3rd season, the bees are working to exceed their volume based production goals once again.

The apiary was established in 2017, as part of the various environmental commitments of Rolls-Royce. This projects taps into the biodiversity on the site and helping in conserving of Britain's Bee population, which due to habitat loss had decreased their numbers in the nearby areas of Rolls-Royce company site.

Pic Credit: Rolls-Royce.

Pic Credit: Rolls-Royce.

Like the employees of Rolls-Royce that create beautiful cars for customers, the bees create the 'Rolls-Royce of Honey'. The honey is hand-processed by specialists local to the area of Goodwood. The honey, what could be said to be the "most exclusive in the world", is served to guests of the marquee, including the customers who commission their bespoke cars in the company's famous Atelier Suite. This means if you want a helping of this Honey you will need to commission a bespoke Rolls-Royce at the company's home which will end up costing you about $300,000 (approx. £240,000). Now that is one expensive helping.

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