A Sugar bomb in leaf form

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I was on a train from Montreal, Canada to New York City, had a layover at NYC for another train for a trip to Washington DC. The entire journey would take me 16 hours and change.

A day earlier in Montreal while picking up souvenirs, I came across this sugar bomb - Maple Syrup in the form of a Maple Leaf lollipop, and it only costed me a Canadian Dollar. Why not. The shop keeper told me this is better than an energy drink and keeps you jumping for a long time. I kept in the bag for the train as I realised I would have to stay awake a long time. I cannot sleep on any transportation no matter how tired I am.

On the train, past border in the USA, somewhere in mid New York State, I opened the Maple syrup leaf lollipop, it is big and tastes just like, you guessed it maple syrup. It took me about an hour to finish it and I was awake the entire way till I did not get to my destination. After consuming it I was concerned about getting sugar rush but I didn't. Trust me, this was the most delicious Sugar Bomb I ever had, So if you are ever in Montreal or Canada in general go to a souvenir shop you will get the maple syrup leaf, you will have energy for hours.

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  • I'm too scared to open these. I may never sleep again!!!

    1 month ago
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