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A UK pub has launched an entire crisp sandwich menu

The Stalybridge Buffet Bar can offer you all the crisp sandwiches your heart desires

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The crisp sandwich. It's a perennial FoodTribe favourite (plenty of thanks in part to our very own James May!) and it's been a staple of British culture for years. Let's be honest, who can deny the odd yet brilliant treat that is a sandwich with some butter and a filling of whatever flavour crisps you want? That seems to be something that the Stalybridge Buffet Bar, a pub in Greater Manchester, has taken on board with its latest offering. The pub's created an entire menu of crisp butties and the amount of different options you can have are a bit staggering!

The idea for it was thought up by the operations manager Barry Shaw, who initially posted it on social media as a joke. "It came about a few months ago, it started as a bit of a silly idea at first but it all came from there," Shaw explained to the Manchester Evening News. "I've been promising it for a while now online, and the response to it just went a bit daft really. I said if enough people liked it and shared it we'll do it and they did."

The new menu includes "crinkle cut classics" (Seabrook crisps in plain, salt & vinegar, cheese & onion or canadian ham flavour placed on "thick white bread" with "lashings of lurpak"), "not crisp butties" (the same bread and lurpak combo but with Monster Munch, Bacon Fries, Scampi Fries, Salt & Vinegar Squares or Wotsits) and a variety of different "combo butties" amongst others. There's also a "special sharing platter" which includes Hot Pork Scratchings, poppadoms & dip, Monster Munch, Bacon Fries, Scampi Fries and two bags of Seabrook crisps in a "7 course tasting menu". That's definitely one for if you've got an entire family or party of people with you!

The menu has proved a hit with customers. "The comments have been brilliant so far and everyone says what a great food to pair with beer," said Shaw. "A few have been suggesting their own creations, whether they might want to add salad cream or cheese spread, we're happy to accommodate requests like that. In the pub trade you've got to listen to customers and react to what they want."

One interesting thing that Shaw has noticed as well is that there is a bit of a regional variation between what crisp butty options people like. "More people in Yorkshire seem to prefer cheese and onion while in Stalybridge it's all about salt and vinegar," he said. As for what his own personal preference is, Shaw responded with this: "I'm torn between the classic salt and vinegar crinkle or Monster Munch Pickled Onion. It goes so well on a butty."

The prices for the menu start at £2.25 for one of the "crinkle cut classics" options and they go up to £7.00 for the sharing platter. Whilst that may seem slightly on the expensive side for the privilege of having a crisp sandwich, it seems like it's all in the name of good fun!

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  • I want, damnit

      14 days ago
  • Pickled Onion Monster Munch or Salt & Vinegar Squares on squidgy white bread for the win!

      14 days ago
  • Oh yes 😎

      14 days ago
  • At closing time they bring out a salad.

      13 days ago
  • Way to go!

      14 days ago