A very addictive and satisfying jam/conserve

7w ago


On my recent visit to the supermaket I got a new jam. This is for the simple purpose of trying it out. It is pricy, so it should be good. The bottle has just a simple label on it that reads - Bonne Maman Cherry Conserve and some other technical weight stuff on it. I found it in the Jam section of the supermarket.

I take out raisin bread, or whats left of it, toast it and sit down with the chunkiest jam/conserve I have ever had. In a word - delicious. I have had no jam/conserve like this before and I am hooked on it. I bought this on Sunday afternoon, tried it yesterday (Monday) and today (Tuesday) a little more than half the bottle is consumed. This by far is the most addictive and satisfying Jam/Conserve I have ever had. I truely do believe one reason behind it - it is not too sweet, there are some really big bits of Cherry that enhance the taste and everything in it.

Ok, my photography skills are not that great.

I also tried it with some spreadable cheese and butter, it was still as good. Okay, if you can get your hands on some please do, I am off to the supermarket to get some more.

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