After Ronaldo, Locatelli snubs Coca Cola, and Pogba snubs Heineken at Euros

It seems that 'Bottlegate' is in full swing at the Euros

5w ago

The Euros 2020 are in full swing right now, and Coca-Cola is one of the major sponsors.

Just after Portugal's match with Hungary, Cristiano Ronaldo removed a pair of Coca-Cola bottles and said that he prefers water.

After that, French football star Paul Pogba removed a Heineken bottle, as he does not drink beer.

After Italy's match with Switzerland, man of the match award winner Manuel Locatelli also removed a pair of Coca-Cola bottles from the table and kept a water bottle there.

It seems that 'Bottlegate' is in full swing at the Euros. Who will be next?!

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Comments (2)

  • I don't get people sometimes. First of all, who are these self-important pricks thinking they can remove a sponsor's product from view just because they prefer something else? Secondly, and somewhat more worrisome, is how hordes of fans who clearly cannot think for themselves then decide to mimic so-and-so's attitude, thus harming a company's reputation and/or profits.

    This is what happens when way too much stock is given to someone's 'star' power.

      1 month ago
    • Or you could look at it another way, and think that these overpaid maybe do just want to let our children know that they don't drink Coca cola or drink beer. Because both of them are pretty bad for you.

        23 days ago