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Airport brewery turns beer into gin

That’s a brilliant idea

4w ago

Back in 2020 the whole world exploded, creating an avalanche of problems in the food and hospitality industry. Munich Airport’s popular Airbräu brewery found itself with 4,000 litres of unsold Airbräu beer after the lockdown(s) but instead of throwing it away, they came up with an idea.

Brewmaster René Jacobsen developed a gin-style beer spirit under the brand name "Mountain Hub Distillers" in cooperation with the Hilton Munich Airport Hotel. He did it by distilling surplus Airbräu beer with selected botanicals, creating a rich and aromatic "infused beer spirit".

The limited edition beer gin was distilled at the Huber fruit distillery in Langenpreising, Bavaria, and they managed to produce a total of 300 litres. The gin is now available at Munich Airport's Airbräu, the Mountain Hub restaurants and the Hilton Bar.

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