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All of Europe can now eat worms

Fish have become too much of a political hot potato.

7w ago

We live in busy times. Finding spare minutes to wash, use the toilet and breathe is as difficult as trying to hop to the moon.

Eating, therefore, is a stressful luxury that is ill-deserving of time being dedicated to it. Cue the insatiable rise of McDonald’s, Burger King and High Street takeaways.

Even the constant presence of mighty fast food conglomerates is no longer enough to spare people the moments their responsibilities demand, however. Thankfully, another convenient type of grub has hit the scene: worms.

Although consuming bowls of worms may sound like a horrifying prospect reserved only for the most gut-churning of horror movies, the wriggly wonders do have the time-saving benefit of working their way to your stomach with limited need for chewing. Just think of all the pointless emails that could be sent in those precious nanoseconds.

In an attempt to launch a significant coup on the bug market, the European Union’s food safety agency has approved the use of yellow mealworms for human consumption. Presumably green mealworms are only permitted in nuclear fallout zones.

Many countries – including the UK, Holland and Belgium – currently allow the sale of mealworms, but the recent decision will permit the likes of Spain, Italy and France to do the same. So, expect the rise of insect-drizzled croissants and worm-stuffed pizza crusts to revolutionise eating habits forevermore.

Despite the prospect of devouring worms appearing to be an utterly abhorrent idea, research shows that around 2.5 billion people consume bugs as part of their daily diet (Bear Grylls eats nothing else, apparently), allowing them to benefit from the large quantities of protein, vitamins and minerals that they contain.

The farming of creepy crawlies also requires much less land than traditional methods, generating a process that should be far less impactful on the environment. Mother Nature cannot be wrong.

What worm-based delights can you dream up?

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  • Yikes!!

    I’d eat bugs, though. Grasshoppers, fried, ants, fried, and the like.

      1 month ago
  • I'd like to try them, however if they're anything like crickets they aren't gluten free. I'm not entirely sure why crickets aren't gluten free, but I would guess that either they eat gluteny cricket food and then we get the leftovers from their digestive track, or there's a cross-contamination risk somewhere in the prepping.

      1 month ago
  • No thank you 😂

      1 month ago
  • Nope 🤢

      1 month ago
  • Never!! 🤮

      1 month ago