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I found another Hawkes Cider.

Robin Ho posted in Drinks
2w ago

A few Weeks or so ago, I had scored some British Cider at a Supermarket back in the Schwarzwald. It was pineappley and a bit too sweet.

A few Days later, I then found one of the other two Hawkes Flavours that I know of: Urban Orchard. This one was supposed to be a Medium Dry Apple Cider.

Last weekend, just before heading back to School, I then finally found the Time to actually try it out.

The Can-Sticker.

The Can-Sticker.

While I definitely had high hopes for this one, I tried to tone it down a bit before I had my first sip. But expectations are a fickle mistress, and of Course they went right back up as soon as I had opened the Can.

The Thing about those high expectations is that you can fall very deep and hard when they are not met. I can not lie, I was kinda disappointed with the Urban Orchard Cider.

It mi have been labeled Medium Dry, but in my Experience it was far from it. Medium Dry would have been nice, but for me it was pretty much the driest Cider I have had in my Life.

I could not even finish the whole 330ml Can. And I really do not like it to waste a good Drink like that.

Never from Concentrate.

Never from Concentrate.

A nice crisp no frills Apple Cider can be awesome. But sadly, Hawkes let me down a bit here.

And the it was actually promising right from the get-go. It claimed to be only made from fresh Apple Juice, not from Concentrate. I really do love that claim.

Sadly, what could have been a great love was not meant to be.

I am still on the lookout for Dead & Berried though, albeit my Expectations are a bit dulled now.

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Comments (3)

  • I am sorry to hear it was another let down, that gets frustrating after a while. I hope you can find one you like soon

      13 days ago
    • So far it has been mostly good with Ciders. If there is a bad one, I just drink one I know to be good to restore the Balance. 😬

        13 days ago
    • That is a great idea

        13 days ago