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A​merican Icons: Are Twinkies really worth it?

I​conic American Candies bought in Germany

7w ago

A​ while ago, I saw the very iconic movie 'Zombieland'. There, a guy frantically searches for some Twinkies before they go the way the rest of the world has gone. Into oblivion.

W​hile I had tried Twinkies before, while living in Canada, I had not had any in a while. I do recall that they never were my favourite 'Pastry Bar' though.

S​ince I found some in the local Supermarket just yesterday, I had to try them again. But were the Twinkies worth it? Or are they kinda lame in reality? Tallahassee seems to love them, after all...

O​ut of the Wrapper.

O​ut of the Wrapper.

Admittedly, my first Twinkie in over six years did not really do anything for me. It was kinda dry and did not have a lot of flavour. But maybe I had just gotten a dud. And so I tried my second Twinkie a few hours later.

I​t too was kinda dry and not that good. It also was not bad though. It actually tasted exactly like I remembered a Twinkie to taste. Just a bit fluffier.

B​ut what are Twinkies? What makes them so undoubtedly American?

A​ Cross-Section.

A​ Cross-Section.

A​ccording to Hostess, the manufacturer of Twinkies, they are a 'Golden Sponge Cake with a Creamy Filling'. And that is pretty much what the whole deal, to be honest.

M​y Twinkies supposedly had a Banana Filling, but it did not really taste like that.

A​s to why they are so iconic: I believe that is mostly because of Film and Television. I also think they are hyped more than they are actually consumed. Twinkies are not that good, after all.

B​ut they were kinda worth it, as they brought back some nice memories of me sitting in the middle of Toronto, eating my first ever Twinkie.

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Comments (22)

  • Twinkies are not amazing but they are better frozen with Chocolate dripped on them....

      1 month ago
  • If you look on Amazon you can purchase a Twinkie pan and bake your own. I did used to have some but I gave them to my daughter because she still has little kids. Chef Duff Goldman ( Ace of Cakes guy) has a good recipe for make your own Twinkies. You can also Google copycat Twinkles…. I’ve used Todd Wilber’s Top Secret Twinkie recipe which also shows how to make your own Twinkie pan with aluminum foil ( which I have done, before I bought Twinkie pans.)😁

      1 month ago
  • they are kinda like the lambo sc18 alston, overpriced (in thsis case overrated) but good, they taste good but there are far better stuff than them.

      1 month ago
  • I absolutely loved these as a kid but as a adult they are just ok. I will get some just for childhood memory sake.

    Zombieland is a awesome movie! 😁

      1 month ago
    • It is one of the only Zombie Movies I actually like.

        1 month ago
    • I actually bought it on blue ray, it is so funny🤣

        1 month ago
  • I've never been a big fan of Hostess Twinkies, even as a child. Now Hostess Ring Dings were another matter... I always thought that they were seriously worth eating! 😋 (though it's been decades since I've had one, so it may just be the nostalgia talking)

      1 month ago