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An Amazing New Krispy Kreme Is Coming To Times Square

New York has waited long enough!

1y ago

Can you believe that for years New York survived with only one Krispy Kreme store?

It is easy to assume that as a world leader in, well, pretty much everything, that the city would have an inexhaustible supply of one of the most luscious treats known to exist, but apparently not.

Perhaps a lack of Krispy Kreme shops is the one thing that has been holding NYC back from literally dominating the globe. Thankfully, a solution is soon to be available.

Not only has Krispy Kreme made the beautiful decision to open a further six stores in New York in 2020, it is also unleashing the shackles on a massive Times Square development.

This shop, due to open in May, will be a gigantic 4,500 square feet area of perfection, complete with a huge LED wraparound branding screen and stadium-style seating to watch the bakers perform their masterful acts of doughnut creation.

According to Delish, it will include the use of a “glazing waterfall”, which I now definitely want one of at home. To bathe in doughnut glaze is such a heavenly way to wash.

As well as featuring doughnut designs exclusive to New York, it will be open 24/7 and sell a giant array of Krispy Kreme merchandise, including special t-shirts, mugs, hats and more. Basically, it’s going to be like Santa’s grotto but in springtime.

If there’s any need for a Chief Doughnut Eater I’m available for an immediate start.

In New York or elsewhere, what’s your favourite Krispy Kreme flavour?

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