Another day, another eye-watering bill at Salt Bae’s restaurant

Honestly… why are people still shocked?

5w ago

I’m assuming most of you are familiar with ‘Salt Bae’ by now. In 2017, the Turkish celebrity chef/restaurant owner (real name Nusret Gökçe) became a sensation overnight after posting this video [below] that went viral on social media.

Salt Bae has spent the last four years carefully and skilfully fuelling his celebrity status by constantly posting videos of famous footballers, actors and musicians dining at one of his restaurants, usually the one in Dubai. He’s made a lot of cash, and reinvested most of it to open new ‘Nusr-Et’ steakhouses across the globe, including one in London.

His steakhouse in London (at The Park Tower Knightsbridge) has only been open for a couple of weeks but many people have already taken to social media to complain about Nusr-Et’s sky-high prices.

Somebody recently shared a picture of a £37,023 bill on Reddit. The bill was for a table of four and it included Nusr-Et’s famous/infamous/popular Golden Tomhawk, a steak covered in edible 24k gold.

The steak costs £850 but they only ordered one. The most expensive items on the menu are wine bottles. They ordered 2 bottles of Petrus 2003 BTL, for a total of £19,900, and one bottle of Petrus 1996 for £9,100.

People obviously went berserk in the comments. “I am not sure what I find more scandalous, that this place charges astronomical prices for pub quality menu, or that there are people convinced that this is actually good cuisine,” one Redditor wrote.

But I also found a comment from a user whose hand I’d very much like to shake because it says exactly what I was thinking: ”no one who buys Petrus or a LITERALLY gold encrusted steak is going to be shocked at the price of either of those two things”.

Dining at Nusr-Et - especially when you order expensive wine and a gold steak - and then complaining about prices is a bit like travelling to Lapland in the winter and then complaining about the cold weather.

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Comments (6)

  • So far my impression is that people visit this restaurant in order to be seen by others and not because it's so much better than other places. Gold foil adds exactly zero to the taste of a steak, it's just a publicity stunt, pretty much like someone lighting up a cigar with a burning £100 note. Look everyone, I'm so rich I can afford a golden steak!

    Whatever, if there are people who are willing to spend that kind of money, so be it. Eventually, that money will find its way back into the economy, namely when Mr. Salt gets himself a new car or a new golden loo or something else.

      1 month ago
    • He used to work at the butcher my fiancé’s family bought meat from. He is decent with a blade but no chef. My experience at his location in Kadakoy (Istanbul) was forgettable. Here they would characterize his places as a tourist trap.

        1 month ago
    • Wow, that's interesting background information! In any case, his tourist traps seem to work pretty well!

        1 month ago
  • Oh to be a waiter receiving that service charge!

      1 month ago
  • Does not impress me at all

      1 month ago