Another Irish hero bought 500 cans of Guinness ahead of price increase

Why are governments so stupid?

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A couple of weeks ago, the Irish government announced a new law to set a minimum price of 10 cents per gram of alcohol, which means the cheapest can of beer will cost at least €1.70 and the cheapest wine bottle will cost €7.40. I think this is idiotic, and it's guaranteed to backfire. Anybody who lives anywhere near the border with Northern Ireland will travel there to stock up and everybody else will simply find a way around this, possibly in the black market. Sales will go down, as will tax revenue, this is an absolute certainty. But anyway, that's a different conversation.

The point is, many have resorted to extreme measures and have simply bought a lot of alcohol before the price went up. A guy named Brendan decided to buy 500 cans of Guinness, each 12-pack costing €10. “The day before the minimum pricing, one of the smaller retailers had a special offer on Guinness. It was a 12-pack for €10," he said. He also calculated that buying the same amount of Guinness cans, after the new law, would've cost an extra €700. He's a hero.

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  • I find it absolutely crazy

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