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Antoni from Queer Eye is hosting a quarantine-themed cookery show on Insta

Like ‘Queer Eye’? You'll love ‘Quar Eye’

1y ago

If Coronavirus-driven panic-buying has rendered your kitchen cupboards full of slightly irregular ingredients of late, you may well be in need of a few recipe ideas.

But don’t despair. Thankfully, a familiar food and wine expert has come to the rescue: Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye. And he’s hitting up Insta on the daily to share some cookery lessons with a self-isolating twist. Ladies and gents, welcome to ‘Quar Eye: Cooking Lessons in Quarantine’.

At the start of the first episode – which already has over a million views – Mr Porowski said, “It dawned on me that I think a lot of people in the country – in the world – are actually going through this right now, where they go to the store and they can’t find what they want.

“But we’re stuck at home, so we might as well be able to prepare good food that’s good for us and makes us feel good.”

So far, there have been lessons on how to make snappy-sounding dishes like the ‘Keep Calm-lette’ (a yummy omelette with salsa on the side), ‘Zoodles with Meat S.O.S.’ (that’s ‘meat sauce’ to you and me), ‘Let Me Outside Leftovers’, Sequestered Salmon Squash’, ‘Cooped Up Chicken’, ‘Stripped of My Sanity Chicken Strips’, ‘Meet Less Mondays’ and 'Squash Your Hands'.

As well as sharing his foodie nous, Mr Porowski also uses the video series to spread the word about nonprofit organisation Feed America, which provides relief efforts to communities and individuals facing hunger across America amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

Will you be tuning in?

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