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Apple Cinnamon Peanut Butter Breakfast Shake

What to make when you can't decide what to have in the morning...

2y ago

On most mornings, I like to throw a bunch of stuff into the blender and call it my breakfast. This is one of my favorite concoctions that have come from my experiments. I am not sure I would call this a "health shake", but at least it tricks me into getting some servings of fruits! There's no real science or measuring here, I just kind of eyeball it. Here's what you'll need:

1 Granny Smith Apple

1 Ripe Banana

Greek Yogurt

Peanut Butter



Almond Milk



First, wash and cut your apple. I like to use a push-down apple corer to make things easy. The heavy apples go in first to help push down all the other stuff when its blender time.

Next, drop in a handful of ice cubes to help make your shake nice and cold.

Break your banana into smaller pieces to leave room for your remaining ingredients

A heaping tablespoon of Greek yogurt goes in next. The yogurt helps your shake get nice and creamy, plus its got plenty of protein to keep you full until lunch. I like to use plain yogurt; there's no point in robbing the flavor of the apple, banana, and peanut butter, plus there's less carbs than a sweetened or flavored yogurt.

Use another tablespoon to add a hefty scoop of your favorite peanut butter. If you opened a brand new jar, take a moment to appreciate how oddly satisfying a fresh and smooth jar of peanut butter really is.

Fill your cup about a third full with almond milk, or your preferred base. I like to use unsweetened vanilla for a shot of flavor without added carbs. Not trying to be healthy, but the shake will be sweet enough without the added sweeteners in the milk.

Top everything off with a bit of honey and cinnamon, however much you'd like. Again, there's really no science here.

Blender time! Run your blender until everything in your cup is nice and smooth. I usually wait until all of the peanut butter is mixed in without any stuck on the sides of the cup.

Pour your shake into a glass and sprinkle a little more cinnamon on top, then enjoy! Be careful not to inhale all that cinnamon like I did. (I usually drink my shakes straight from the blender cup like an animal).

Breakfast shakes are a great way to experiment with whatever is in your pantry when you can't decide what to make for breakfast. With this shake you could add a handful of almonds, try a flavored yogurt, a different kind of milk, and you'll end up with a totally new drink each time. Enjoy!

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