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Drinks brought to you by

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1y ago

Imagine yourself in a cocktail lounge. Swinging and grooving to the hippest tunes and beats. Letting go of everything that had you bogged down all day all week.

I know you cannot do that at this moment but you can. Usually, when things go wrong in the world, we are encouraged to take action in helping solve it. This time it is weird. The only response we are encouraged to do is nothing and stay at home.

So how do you let go of your worries this moment? Here are some cocktail recipes you can make at home. With these cocktails, make sure you dress up a little and switch on your favourite music and dance a little. Maybe set up your home with some cute, fairy lights. Fairy lights always help no matter the situation.

I am going to make myself a Tequila Sunrise. Let me know what you made from this list in the comments. Stay safe and Cheers! I will see you guys on the other side of this.

P.S. I know some ingredients might be challenging to find. Feel free to change modify or come up with your own recipes. If you do that as well let me know what you did.

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  • Some of us can not dance lol

      1 year ago