- It's been a journey...

Au Revoir, FoodTribe - Thank you for all the friends and memories

It was good while it lasted

1w ago

I'm going to miss all you guys.

Maybe this is a good thing? I dusted off a blogspot that I had set up and never used, and I'd be thrilled if you guys drop in here in about a week or so to have a peek. Why a week? Because it will take me that long to learn!

The Manic Underground FoodFiles live... again.

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  • Take care... I've bookmarked the Manic Underground Foodfiles!

      11 days ago
  • Bookmarked 👍. I will miss FT too 😢

      11 days ago
  • It was so fun

    Best wishes

      9 days ago
  • It has been a pleasure and a lot of fun, I enjoyed your work here.

      10 days ago