Avocado doesn't necessarily make everything better

Ikea ruined my favourite wrap

4w ago

Ikea's meatballs are famous worldwide. In Spain is very common to have meatballs for lunch at Ikea after spending the morning in the shop. My mother and I do the opposite, we have breakfast there first, and no one talks about how good breakfasts at Ikea are. They have a very cheap meal of coffee with toasts and jam, muffins, croissants or even something bigger, a sandwich, tortilla, eggs and sausages etc.

My go-to mix used to be orange juice and a salmon wrap, I normally prefer something not sweet for breakfast. This wrap is not a big deal but it was prett6y good to me, a light thin tortilla wrap filled with lettuce, salmon and a delicious dill-honey-mustard sauce. Simple, perfect.

Unfortunately for me, Ikea got the idea that everyone loves avocado, so they decided to put them in a lot of dishes. In most of them, like salads, they go very well, but in my delicious salmon wrap they decided to substitute that godsend of a sauce with avocado, which resulted in a tasteless muddy fish-smelling bite. Now I'm in the search for a new breakfast meal.

Do you know any other dish that has been ruined because of this avocado obsession?

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