Bad news, your next pint could be 20p or 30p more expensive


4w ago

Inflation is running wild and that, coupled with a myriad of supply chain-related issues across the board, means everything is more expensive these days, including beer.

Numerous reports, including one compiled by the Forum of British Pubs, indicate that 8 out of 10 pubs in the country have already upped their prices and according to industry experts, a £6 pint may soon be the norm in the south of England.

And things are likely to get worse because drinks wholesalers Matthew Clark and Bibendum are set to increase their prices by between 3.5% and 5% in the coming months.

This, in the words of Cheerful Charlie, is a ”big problem”, because even the shi**st, most horrible day can get better after a pint at your local pub. And yeah, 20p or 30p may not sound like much but the average Brit drinks 400 pints a year, which means you’re going to be spending an additional £10 a month. And I’d rather spend that on peanuts to go with my beer.

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  • Everything is getting more expensive 🙄

      1 month ago