Baking Tribe's top 5 for August

There has been a lot of baking going on. Now come see what I got for you!

Jane Fyffe posted in Baking
2w ago

Another month has come and gone. Tribers have been baking up a storm! Come and see the best ones from August, along with a surprise #1.

#5 Emilia Moonlight M: Pineapple strawberry upside-down cake

Emilia gives us another tasty sounding recipe. I almost gain weight just looking at this post. Pineapple and strawberry is like a match made in heaven.

#4 Aliya Zanfer: cinnamon bubble bread

The great thing about this is not only did she post the recipe but it looks so good I bet there is nothing that goes to waste! I bet I could eat half a dozen pieces.

#3 Simon Bingham: Pavlova

Simon posts some amazing looking things and this mixed berry pavlova is not an exception.

#2 Robin Ho: Apple cake

Robin's Mom made this for a very special occasion. It may be a simple cake but Robin dares not to try to make it. But regardless Robin had all good things for his birthday: apple cake, pasta bake and family.

Alright you all! Here is where I stir things up.

#1 Suranjana B: beautiful cake


Yes! I have chosen 2! Seriously look at these! What would you do? Both of these are absolutely gorgeous!

I hope you enjoyed baking tribe's top 5, I will see you next time...

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Comments (10)

  • I need to bake now! 😂😂 Everything is so delicious!

    And thank you so much 🌹☺️

      13 days ago
  • Thanks for including my absolute favourite Cake!

      14 days ago
  • Congrats to everyone! Some truly great baked goods 👌

      13 days ago
  • Epic stuff. I'm going to go ahead and call a favourite - Simon's pavlova - because I'm an Australian food partisan at the end of the day.

      14 days ago
  • They all look good.

      14 days ago