44w ago

Be honest. Is this too much chocolate for one person to finish in half a day?

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  • of course not. Please, though, consider the source.

      10 months ago
    • that is actually more chocolate than I can eat at one sitting. However, give me a family bag of kettle chips....

        10 months ago
  • Not at all, don't tempt me to eat more chocolate πŸ˜‚

      10 months ago
  • This stuff is so thick, it's amazing πŸ˜„

      9 months ago
  • Yes that's too much. I recommend 35grams per day. If you really have to have it. Plus should be dark chocolate. Enjoy! Hehe you said be honest😊

      10 months ago
  • Is white chocolate really chocolate John?

      10 months ago
    • This GIF is so fascinating I'm not going to reply to the question.

        10 months ago