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Be safe from Coronavirus FoodTribers

FoodTribers, please be careful

1y ago

Please allow me to write this serious post. Then I'll go back to writing recipes and fun news.

Initially, I joined FoodTribe because I am madly in love with James May, but I stayed because I met funny people, and found a pleasant and familiar place to share witty content about food.

I'm fond of you all, so please be careful.

I know that many countries continue to underestimate Covid-19 by refusing to close schools and shops. It is terribly wrong.

As you know at the moment, all of Italy is in quarantine, but it took some time to realize that it was the only hope to stem a contagion that has very high numbers.

Milan, now: https://www.skylinewebcams.com/it/webcam/italia/lombardia/milano/duomo-milano.html

Milan, now: https://www.skylinewebcams.com/it/webcam/italia/lombardia/milano/duomo-milano.html

They didn't want to stop the football championship. Now we have infected players.

A politician who flaunted security, was photographed cheerfully in the pub and asked not to stop the economy. Now he is infected.

And the problems don't end there. Healthcare in northern Italy is excellent, but hospitals are collapsing. We hear ambulance sirens night and day. There are no more intensive care places, and field hospitals are being organized. Yes, like those used during the war.

And there is another aspect that nobody thinks about: the seriously ill of Covid-19 die alone. No relative can enter to assist them.

Dr. Francesca Cortellaro, head of the emergency room of the San Carlo Borromeo Hospital, says, "Do you see the emergency room? Covid-19 patients enter alone, no relatives can attend, and when they are about to leave they sense it. They are lucid. They do not go to narcolepsy. It is as if they were drowning, but with plenty of time to understand it."

Please, be careful. Don't underestimate the possibility of contagion. Ask your government to be protected. Protect your elderly and sick people. And stay at home as much as possible. Don't go out if it's not essential. Don't touch anyone. And wash your hands, properly.

These are billboards made by Italian children. They say "everything will be fine". And it's true: if we are all united, in Italy, in Europe, in the world, everything will be fine.

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