BeardMeatsFood - YouTube's most outrageous eating challenges

Look away if you have a fear of messy eating...

2y ago

Some say, it is piggish to eat three courses at dinner, others think two tubs of ice cream is a lot. Let me stop you right there. You don't know what a lot of food is until you have checked out the BeardMeatsFood channel on YouTube. Some of these challenges are truly outrageous. The most extraordinary being the time he attempted to eat 100,000 calories to celebrate reaching 100k subscribers. He attempted to eat all this food in just 100 hours.

Now, the average amount of calories for 100 hours is around 8,000 calories. So, to do 100,000 is rather a large step. Adam Moran is a British competitive eater and he takes on incredibly difficult eating challenges which most of us would find impossible. To name a few, he has done the 100,000 calorie challenge which I have mentioned, the 50,000 calorie challenge, eating massive pizzas, insane amounts of burgers and just giant meals in general.

I should also point out that all of his challenges are timed and he manages to rattle through them with ease. But a warning to you. I wouldn't watch these on an empty stomach and it will make you very hungry indeed.

How many calories could you eat in 4 days?

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  • It's glorified gluttony. Food should be enjoyed, not scoffed.

      2 years ago