Ben & Jerry’s new flavor features potato chips for sweet salty heaven

Chips *inside* the ice cream friends, it’s a taste sensation

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We’ve all seen the bare shelves. The empty aisles at the grocery store. The alarming lack of toilet paper. But despite the rampant panic buying throughout this coronavirus pandemic, I’ve more or less managed to keep my food purchases in check.

That might be about to change. Because a limited-edition new Ben & Jerry’s flavor is coming to a store near you. And folks: it has chips in it. Real-life delicious salty potato chips. This is the only time we can in all good conscience condone panic buying.

Chip Happens (again with the pun-tastic names, B&J) features a chocolate ice cream base with fudge chips and potato chip swirls. “Potato chip swirls” - has there ever been a more beautiful combination of words? (Big chip fan over here, in case you hadn’t picked that up).

The ice cream was inspired by the Netflix show Nailed It! "The bake-off competition show celebrates the fun of watching amateur bakers try to recreate edible masterpieces -- that often end up as delicious but hilarious baking fails," a rep for Ben & Jerry's told Thrillist. "The flavor name is a playful pun on the popular saying... well, you know what the saying is."

According to an Instagram post from Candy Hunting: “New Ben & Jerry's Chip Happens is heading to stores VERY soon!! Well, it's actually already on shelves in Australia, since this one is a global launch. It will be in the US any time now.”

Chip Happens will make its official debut in the coming weeks, but according to Delish you can buy some from Walmart right now.

cr: The Impulsive Buy via Flickr

cr: The Impulsive Buy via Flickr

This actually isn’t the first time B&J had the inspired idea of putting chips in ice cream. The Late Night Snack flavor, in honor of Jimmy Fallon, featured vanilla bean ice cream and “fudge-covered potato chip clusters” (ok, we were wrong, *that’s* the most beautiful combination of words ever). But the flavor vanished from our shelves back in 2014.

🍦🥔Chips in ice cream: what say you?🍦🥔

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  • I was at local burger joint and they served me chocolate brownie topped vanilla ice cream poured some hot chocolate sauce on top of it and topped it with salted crisps. I was in heaven!! Who would think it would taste so good??!

      1 year ago
  • Every 12 year old in front of his friends does this once, BUT NO ONE ACTUALLY THINKS IT'S A GOOD IDEA!


      1 year ago
  • Ugh! Only Americans could ruin two foodstuffs in one foul swoop. Something like this should only exist in your tummy AFTER you had eaten it, not be together BEFORE then!

      1 year ago
  • Oh yes please!

      1 year ago