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    1y ago


    B​est McDonald's Food item
    • Fillet o Fish
    • B​ig Mac
    • B​acon Double Cheeseburger
    • C​hicken Legend (Comment which sauce)
    • E​gg Mcmuffin
    • A​ wrap (Comment which Flavour)
    • F​ries
    • I​ hate McDonald's
    • A​ salad

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    Comments (15)

    • Double sausage muffin (I refuse to say Mc anything).

        1 year ago
    • Vegi wrap

        1 year ago
    • McChicken sandwich > Chicken Legend

        1 year ago
    • OJ, and a breakfast McMuffin which can be ordered with, as I have discovered, extra tomato if requested.

        1 year ago
    • Got to be a big mac.

        1 year ago