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Best Poutine in the world

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To start with the best poutine in the world is obviously from the province of Québec; where it was born. There is a feud between all the cities in the province because we all claim to have the best poutine. So to my opinion, as a Montrealer, it's from Montreal. Obviously. But even in Montreal there are thousands of places who serve Poutine. I just happen to live 5 minutes away from the best one. And i'm not the only person who claims this. Bon Appétit's Alex Delany agrees and so does the Food Network's John Catucci.

So if you're in Montreal, or if you are a Poutine virgin, make sure to go to "Chez Claudette".

There is the classic poutine, which has Fries (this is america, they are not chips, they are fries), the best gravy you're ever taste in your life and melty cheese curds that squeak as you bite into them. You can also make it a bit more fancy by adding toppings to it like bacon, mushrooms, sausage or even tandoori chicken.

"L'Américaine" with New York strip steak, mushrooms, onions and green peppers

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  • I did go to La Banquise this summer and enjoyed it a lot! I loved it with sour cream and bacon, but that L'Americane looks great!

    29 days ago
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    • La Banquise is where all thé tourist go unfortunately. Claudette is much better!

      29 days ago
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  • I've never been out east, so my opinion likely means nothing. But my favourite is from Costco. Simple, good fries, squeaky cheese, and cheap. And tasty!

    29 days ago
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