Binge watching snack.

1y ago

Binge watching videos and a hunger stirs. My stomach has recovered from the curry and is ready for some food. Cheese quesadillas, oh yeah! A blend of colby, pepper jack and mozzarella sandwiched between two flour tortillas. Grilled up in a cast iron skillet for that nice bit of crispiness. A side of salsa and sour cream for the finishing touch! Cheesy bliss!

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Comments (9)

  • What are you binge watching?

      1 year ago
    • At that time a bunch of you tube

      The other night with the pizza it was netflix the witcher.

        1 year ago
    • I just got caught up with the Blacklist

        1 year ago
  • I like some tortillas with my cheese too. They look great!

      1 year ago