- The meat-free Whopper was a big financial success for BK

Vegan Burger King fans rejoiced earlier this year when a meat-free burger finally hit their local BK stores. The Impossible Whopper promised that classic Burger King taste but without the animal.

But it seems things have taken a turn as news emerged today that a man is suing the company over the new vegan menu item.

The lawsuit alleges that the Impossible Whopper is cooked on the same grill as the meat products.

It’s a class action suit that was filed on 18 November in the Southern District of Florida. The suit claims the chain advertises the Impossible as meat-free, but that it’s actually contaminated with meat by-products because it’s cooked in the same spot as meat.

The man’s lawsuit accuses Burger King of false advertising and benefiting monetarily from offering a vegan option that’s not actually vegan.

CNN reached out to the company, but Burger King has declined to comment.

Phillips Williams is the man who brought the case. He’s a vegan who doesn’t eat or drink anything that uses animal by-products.

He bought an Impossible Whopper at a BK joint in Atlanta, Georgia, back in the summer after spotting ads for the ‘premium price’ burger, according to the lawsuit.

The suit reads that Williams wouldn’t have bought the meatless burger if he’d known it was cooked that way.

The lawsuit also reveals that several other customers made similar complaints online, questioning how BK cooks their Impossible Whoppers.

The meat-free version was actually a big success for Burger King, resulting in its best quarter in four years.

According to Grub Street, BK execs have previously claimed that the Impossible burger has been most popular among ‘flexitarians’, or people who eat meat, but would also be keen to try a meatless option.

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