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    Bored of mince pies? Try a mincemeat sponge pudding instead this Christmas

    If you like mincemeat but you're bored of mince pies, give this a try!

    1w ago


    A lot of us love to have mince pies at Christmas. It's a Christmas staple that isn't going to go away any time soon. But, what if you're a bit bored of mince pies? What if you still love mincemeat, but you want to use it in something that isn't a pie. Well, my family have used this recipe for mincmeat sponge pudding for years, and it could fit the bill for you too!


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    Comments (2)

    • Interesting 🤔

        10 days ago
    • That certainly has a suspiciously unappetising look to it, no matter what it tastes of. As a Christmas Pudding Lite, covered in custard or cream or whatever, a possible winner, but it's like my face... a look best enjoyed on the radio.

        8 days ago