Bread sales on the rise, as Brits prove they're willing to dish out for dough

Bread became relegated to the uncool bin when the Atkins diet reigned. Now it's back in our hearts and minds... and bread bins.

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A few years ago, low-carb diets like the Atkins diet were all the craze, and as a result bread sales were suffering. But statistics from UK supermarket Waitrose, published last week, show that bread is returning to Brit’s favour .

Waitrose reports that searches for sourdough on have increased by 65% in January compared to last year, and the sales of sourdough have risen by over 30% in the last three years. What else can this increase be attributed but our renewed love of loaves?

Waitrose reports that specialty loaves are gaining popularity too. Sales for loaves containing linseed, mixed grains and seeds are up 22% over the last three months.

But that’s not to say we’ve forgotten about our old faves. On, searches for white bread are up by 20%, searches for sliced is up 14% and searches for unsliced loaves is up by an incredible 450% compared to last year.

You don’t have to have seen sales statistics to guess that speciality breads, especially sourdough, has been steadily on the rise for some time. Sourdough has become a staple of any half-decent brunch, with many preferring its complex flavours and satisfying texture. It’s also great for your gut, which means it can be enjoyed without the associated heaviness or indigestion that bread leaves many with.

Zoe Simons, Senior Innovation Chef at Waitrose & Partners says, “Our customers are re-discovering the beauty of bread, but are looking for great quality, traditional and speciality loaves in particular. Burnt bread is certainly something we’re seeing a trend for, going hand in hand with the increase in popularity for sourdough.

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  • My choice wasn't listed - 'All".

      1 year ago
  • Use your loaf, save your pennies, and the pound loaves will look after themselves.

    Civilisation is built on carbs.

      1 year ago