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Breakfast bowl with Spanish grains, chorizo, avocado, egg, lime & tomato salsa

A hearty breakfast or brunch dish guaranteed to set up for the day

50w ago

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This is a glorious bowl of breakfast: the smoked paprika in the grains echo that in the chorizo, the salsa gives it a fresh burst, and the egg yolk binds it all brilliantly.

The emphasis in this recipe is in the grains and the salsa, so it can stay delicious but become vegetarian by replacing the chorizo with whole sun-dried tomatoes seasoned with smoked paprika. You can even take it one step further for vegans by replacing the egg with whipped chestnut or chickpea puree.

You can double up the grain mixture so all you have to do is reheat it the next day, and you could also use it as a base for your dinner with some fish, chicken, prawns or Halloumi. Merchant Gourmet cook Alex Mackay says you can take this dish to the next level if you roast aubergines with smoked paprika, brown butter and maple syrup to serve with this.

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  • Must try for brunch this weekend!

      11 months ago