Breakfast for dinner Italian style

In Italy the typical breakfast is sweet. Like us!

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I often hear about "breakfast for dinner", from American or English friends, but thinking about it ... we Italians also have our version of breakfast for dinner!

Sometimes we do it, rarely, when we are a little sad, and we need to cuddle and raise the level of serotonin.

As almost everyone will know, in Italy the typical breakfast is sweet. Like us!

Coffee is the basis, but this is obvious. Then you can drink milk, or you can make milk with coffee (caffellatte).

A typical home-made breakfast can include biscuits, or rusks and jam or with Nutella. Cereals are another marvel of breakfast: with chocolate, honey, or rich in fibres, less tasty but healthier.

Those who like to have breakfast outside the home take cappuccino and brioche, usually.

The typical breakfast of Liguria instead (and I know it may seem absurd) is with a cappuccino and Genoese focaccia. Sweet mixed with salty.

The brioches in Sicily, on the other hand, are dipped in the famous Sicilian granita. Usually, it is a coffee granita.

In any case, the savoury breakfast is also taking hold here, for health reasons more than anything else. Eggs, raw ham and toasted bread, are ideal for a protein diet, and it certainly helps not to raise the blood sugar curve.

But when we have breakfast for dinner we don't think about carbohydrates and calories, we only think about chocolate and hot milk that warms our stomach and heart.

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