- Hazmat suits similar to those given to the NHS. Credit: Wikimedia.

Breaking Bad bar in London donates hazmat suits to NHS

The bar – based around themes of the hit show – has provided hospital workers with essential protective clothing.

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There has been much talk in recent weeks that the national response to COVID-19 was initially slow and unenthusiastic – which has now culminated in a dire need for frontline hospital staff, carers and key workers to be supplied with adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) in order to keep themselves safe while helping others.

One bar – ABQ in London – opted to help ease the problem by donating equipment from its leisurely and original experience. Being a place packed with references to the TV series Breaking Bad (there’s even an RV motorhome in there for you to experiment making cocktails in), the bar has given away 120 fully functioning chemical suits to nearby hospitals to provide doctors and nurses with some of the best protection available.

Having already benefitted two NHS hospitals (Lister and Whipps Cross), the health service has ordered 10,000 of the bright yellow suits to equip its staff with. As well as the full body suit providing far more comprehensive cover than the usual combination of a surgical mask and plastic apron, it is also reusable, making it more cost effective and better for the environment.

To try and fund more of the hazardous material suits for the NHS, ABQ’s owner – Lollipop – has launched a crowdfunding effort. The specialist protective clothing costs £21 per suit to manufacture and already over £5,000 has been generously donated by members of the public to support the task.

There is now an increasingly widespread – if still subdued – belief that the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is over. With reported positive steps being taken towards achieving a successful vaccination, hopefully there will be no requirement to recruit the services of Walter White.

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  • This place is like 2 mins from my house would you believe

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