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Breaking news: IHOP is releasing pancake cereal

First they brought us cereal pancakes. And now, this...

1y ago

A couple of months ago (remember a couple of months ago? No, us neither. Different lifetime) we reported the major breaking news that IHOP was releasing cereal pancakes. This amazing breakfast mash-up was basically pancakes smothered in the sweetest cereals ever. It was the perfect dish for anyone thinking, "Y’know, I think IHOP pancakes could do with just being a little bit more sugar-laden”.

And now, IHOP may have one-upped itself (if that’s even possible). Everyone’s fave global pancake house has tweeted a teaser of its new project, and oh boy, it’s good. In a weird twist of breakfast fate, IHOP is switching things up and making: pancakes cereal. It’s cereal… in the shape of pancakes. They’re calling it, naturally, Panflakes.

IHOP tweeted a photo of the box-to-be with the caption, “Here’s a little taste of something we’re working on. Stay tuned for more.”

Before the box was unveiled, IHOP had tweeted this little teaser – which gave us a taste of what was to come…

Who knows whether IHOP or this ingenious TikToker had the idea first. But let us just say, we’re here for Panflakes. And the internet is too...

Pancake cereal: thoughts? 🥞🥛🥞

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Comments (3)

  • I bet it would taste similar to French Toast Crunch

      1 year ago
  • I love cereal, but I am not sure on this one.

      1 year ago
  • Hmmmm.... Looks tasty. Almost wish I hadn't forsaken sugar laden cereals. They look fun to try.

      1 year ago