Bresaola Salad

Stunning but very quick and easy

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A lovely dish perfect for a summer lunch or as a smaller starter before a delicious meal.

An Italian specialty this salt-cured and air dried meat is unique as it is very lean with very little visible fat. It has a deep reddish colour and a velvety smooth texture due to the fact that Bresaola is usually made the leaner cuts of beef, these are prepared by rubbing them with a mix of salt and other flavours and spices after which it is left to air dry.

Bresaola should be sliced really thinly to serve.


- Bresaola

- Parmesan cheese

- Fresh baby rocket

- Cherry tomatoes

- Olive Oil

- Balsamic vinegar paste (Plain balsamic is fine too)


I haven't given any quantities in the ingredients as this is a dish that you can really personalise to your own taste however I will say more about further down.

Having evenly laid out the meat on a plate adorn it with a hand-full of rocket and a good sprinkling of parmesan shavings.

Lay out some halved cherry tomatoes around the plate.

Drizzle over a healthy helping of olive oil and the splash some Balsamic vinegar paste around the rocket.


Make it yours

As I mentioned further up I didn't give any quantities, after-all everyone has their own favourite way of doing things, I personally love it dripping in oil and with loads of parmesan but my guests my not if I'm serving it for dinner. So give it a go.

Other variations could include substituting the vinegar with a splash of lemon juice, adding your favourite sauce, adding some roasted pine nuts, the possibilities are endless with this unique and versatile dish.

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