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BrewDog launches Lock Down Lager

The UK brewery firm has launched a new product to keep us all company during the long lockdown nights.

James Lewis posted in Beer
1y ago

It turns out that – surprise, surprise – being under an imposed lockdown for weeks on end can get rather dreary. In fact, it’s become almost as boring as James May’s sock drawer.

In order to prevent millions of people slipping into chronic boredom comas, British brewery company BrewDog has released a brand new beer – named, appropriately enough, Lock Down.

Deemed the “ultimate shower brew”, the lockdown liquid is a 4.7% delight of Pilsner teamed with guava and grapefruit. The glorious fruity burst has landed at the most opportune time with the long Easter Bank Holiday weekend fast approaching (also known as the unbearably arduous weekend to those who have been trapped in isolation for the past few weeks).

BrewDog’s website describes the innovation as being just as refreshing as a hard-earned home shower, encouraging people to obey the government’s lockdown restrictions and stay at home.

Perhaps predictably, given the current course of ironically decent weather that the UK is withering in, the Lock Down beer is (at the moment) showing as being out of stock – but, there’s a promise that more batches will be arriving shortly. When the stocks are replenished, a four-pack of the beer can be bought for £5.50.

The exclusive launch will help enormously to pique people’s interest given that the majority of the country will have sampled every single other alcoholic beverage available. There are rumours that even Wine Gums have become scarce. And Calpol.

Hopefully this is one of the few treats that can still be enjoyed without the risk of it being confiscated by the police. Just remember: no barbecues.

Will you be trying BrewDog’s fruity lager?

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Comments (2)

  • My lockdown lager is Schofferhofer grapefruit beer. Outstanding

      1 year ago
  • Almost as boring as James Mays sock drawer 🤣🤣🤣

      1 year ago