Brewdog Nanny State (non-alcoholic beer)

2y ago

This is a 0.5 % ABV pale ale and I have to say, it is one of the best alcohol-free beers I've had, but that's like saying that a chicken burger is the healthiest type of fast food you can buy. Still fast food, still non-alcoholic beer. The first few sips are ok but then your body tells you something's wrong. Beer is a alcoholic beverage because alcohol provides an essential contribution to taste. In my opinion, the perfect ABV is anywhere between 4.7 % and 5.4 %, anything under it and the beer is a bit too "weak", and anything over it makes stronger (in taste) than it ought to be.

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Comments (6)

  • I tried this, it wasn’t bad, but I prefer St. Thomas Without or Erdinger Alkohol Frei

      2 years ago
  • One of my favourite alcohol free/ low alcohol beers

      2 years ago
  • Does it come at a discount to offset the missing alcohol?

      2 years ago
  • #beer #paleale

      2 years ago