British tea brands rally together with #solidaritea

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If I was to list a few stereotypes other countries have surrounding Brits, drinking tea would be at the top of the list. Although this stereotype has been proved wrong with the rapid rise of people who drink coffee or no caffeinated drinks at all, tea remains very much a British tradition.

Although they are competitors, popular UK tea brands Yorkshire Tea and PG Tips united in the wake of the protests and heated discussions regarding the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Companies around the world have campaigned to make change in our society today and one Twitter user was particularly angry at the lack of involvement from the two tea brands.

This started with the Yorkshire Tea Twitter account getting involved but then PG Tips joined in to show that despite their differences, they will do whatever it takes to stand up against racism.

Both brands used #solidaritea which currently has nearly twenty thousand people tweeting about it. It's very heartwarming to see two rival companies set aside their differences to come together to combat something that is a huge issue in our lives.

Although the hashtag has been around for a while campaigning against domestic abuse, it's very relevant with the current circumstances.

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  • This is awesome!

    Additionally, everyone in my street got a little box of Yorkshire teabags in the post last week

      1 year ago