Brits are very confused after finding out what Just Eat is called Down Under

Did somebody say... Menulog?!

4w ago

Just Eat is a company we're all more than familiar with now. One of the kings of food delivery, Just Eat has been responsible for getting many of our takeaways and fast food to our front doors as the pandemic has dragged on and on.

However, many of us have just found out that Just Eat has a rather different name in Australia and New Zealand and it's caused quite a bit of confusion! The thing is, Just Eat isn't called Just Eat down under. It's called... Menulog!

Why is it called Menulog there instead of Just Eat? Well, there is actually somewhat of a sensible story behind it. Menulog was an Aussie food delivery company that already existed. It was purchased by Just Eat back in 2015 for £445 million ($616 million) and presumably Just Eat didn't want to go through the hassle of rebranding everything in case it made the Australian customers a bit annoyed. The result is all of the marketing you'd expect from Just Eat in the UK, except with a different name. Yes, this also includes the Snoop Dogg jingle, which is what's really thrown Brits off...

The version of the Snoop Dogg jingle you'll see in Australia and New Zealand is pretty much the same as the British version, except that all references to Just Eat and Just Eat's corporate colours and branding are replaced with Menulog instead. That includes the jingle's famous hook which, instead of "did somebody say Just Eat," now says "did somebody say Menulog?" The jingle is so ingrained in our heads (the sign of a great jingle!) that any even slight deviation from it really throws our brains into meltdown.

Tossing the weird name aside, Menulog seems to be a pretty decent company when it comes to food delivery services. It announced only a few days ago that it would be trialling an employee model for all its delivery workers in the Sydney Central Business District. This means that the company will be giving all of those workers a minimum wage as well as superannuation contributions.

This is something that Uber Eats and Deliveroo, Menulog's two biggest competitors in that market (much like how it is in the UK with the two being huge competitors with Just Eat), haven't done yet and are coming under pressure from Labour organisations and the general public to do so. Quite a few Australian customers and businesses have already made it clear that they will be switching to using Menulog for deliveries in response, which can only be good news both for the company and for its workers!

So, yeah, you can get Just Eat in Australia and New Zealand. It's just under a very different name. If you ever decide to move to that part of the world from the UK, you're just going to have to get used to it!

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